This link, The C Programming Language, 1st ed, will search Powell’s Books ( for any current copies of the classic by Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie.

And this link, sabadash, will allow you to contact sabadash.



5 Responses to “Latest”

  1. Lin and Jim kishline Says:

    The police dept. called from your phone. I think. They woke me up so I was groggy. When I called back to the dispatcher of the dept. she did not have anything she said you could also contact your phone company. I am so glad you are ok. I missed your phone call and tried to call back but got a sound like a fax. If there is anything I can do please let me know. God bless and please take care of yourself.

  2. sabadash (@sabadash) Says:

    Dispatcher of what dept.? At what phone no.?

  3. Lin and Jim kishline Says:

    Long beach Police lost property dept.1(562)5707660 give the phones serial number to them if you can. That’s the best I know. Sorry about your phone.

  4. Lin Says:

    Gary what happened? Have not heard from you. Your cousin Don wants to get in touch with you. My moms cleaning woman cleans for some of your extended family. I gave him you p.o. Number. Hope your ok.

  5. ericahampton75575 Says:

    I’m in the same predicament as you do. I have so much trouble teaching my children the cebuano dialect since at very young age til now. Partly because Click

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